My First Commissioned Masterpiece Motherhood Is An Art

In art, a commission is the hiring and compensation for the creation of an art piece, often on behalf of another.

So much of my heartistry has been inspired by my very first commissioned art pieces, my daughters .. Devin, Taylor, Kirstin and Mikalah. From the moment of their immanent existence, I felt the urgency of creating consciously .. the knowing that a lullaby sung, a stroke of paint or molding of my hands on their ‘being ..’ would inevitably shape their be-ings, their hearts, their minds.  Whether a simple shaky squiggle or an inticate brush stroke .. my mark would be on their canvas of life and carried with them into their own gallery ~ forever .. for them to refine, create and frame at their choosing.

mikalah love handsAs with any artistic rendering, I didn’t always create perfectly (in everyone’s eyes) but my art on those four canvases is no less beautiful and no less valuable in my eyes.  They are and always will be my greatest masterpieces .. commissioned by God and created with every exquisite color I had in my own pallet, with the very best of my minimal expertise.  We all set out to do the very best we can. I believe that none of us would say .. we set out to do our worst.  While I can’t say I had all the ‘right’ techniques down, I can say, I created with my whole heart and I created with every ounce of unfurled faith I could muster.

Now as for that commission .. there can be no greater reward than seeing your art, take on a life of it’s own and knowing that you had a hand in it!  I’m blessed with the knowing that my brush is an extention of a much greater creator, the divine artist’s loving hand .. who I very much long to run to with my renditions, in hopes of a prized spot on that heavenly refrigerator .. and then I remember, even I am a part of His masterpiece and we are all in the showing, consciously creating, or not.


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    I love this…and your four little masterpieces!! xo

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    virgie elghossein says

    Wonderfuly and beautifuly writen, my masterpieces are you and Amber, Oh how proud I am to be the one chosen to be called your Mom…….And oh how I love my eight little flowers you both have blessed me with!

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