papercut heartHer art is sacred …

Her art is love.

Welcome to Talesha Touched ~ a curious little shop of heart felt possibility crafted by Heartist, Talesha Hogan (that’s me). Let me start by saying, I’m elated that you’re here, not just in my shop but here along the path of life at the same time I am .. sometimes that profound simplicity is an often forgotten gift.

I spend diligent time and infuse loving intention into the creation of each and every art piece, painting and papercutting that derives from my hands and finds a home in your heart. There’s music, musings, poetry, paper spun into tapestries and wire, beads and crystals shaped and sculptured into unique wearable art.. But the main ingredients are always love, passion and faith. Love is my vessel, Passion is my fuel and Faith is my unfurled flag.

I welcome your ideas, encouragement and inspiration .. I find a road shared is an even greater journey than the one we go alone. We see so much more when we are willing to gaze through another’s eyes, willing to see the view through another’s perspective .. I love sharing my perspective through my art and I love even more, conveying your view within my art to create a tiny window into the heart of YOU.

I wish blessings to you, on your journey .. leave each point and passenger along your path a little better for the experience of you, your touch, your intention .. AND let what you love, lead you to what you do! That’s how I found MY way here to this very space, a place where dreamers play .. I let love find me, take my hand and lead me on.

God bless,


For more about Talesha’s Heartistry or to sign up for her blog ~ http://www.taleshatouched.com

When an idea comes into my mind … I am almost immersed in the pounding of my heart. A string plucked, a crumbled note, a scissor cutting, a scrap of wire, a lone vintage bead ..sing of one thing, ‘Whose life do I get to touch with this piece? … Whose heart gets to carry a little piece of my heart with them? ~ Talesha Hogan