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Talesha Hogan is best described as a ‘heartist’ who leads people to find and free their foolish heart.

As a Love and Life Coach, Author, Visionary & Public Speaker.  Talesha hosts group events and private sessions that open people to the power of joy.  With a zest for love and life, she has a passionate heart for possibility and a desire for everyone to know the true gift they are to our world, the people around them and themselves.

She appears, speaks and performs at charity events, benefits, community and corporate gatherings as well as TeleSeminars focusing on tapping into this heart of joy and the healing that love and compassion reveal.

Whether coaching, singing, writing, sharing or simply being ~ Love is the center of her heartistry.

Talesha shows people the gift of Unconditional Love .. That it’s theirs for the giving.

Talesha Hogan is available as a host, a guest speaker or program facilitator. Inquiries are always welcome and treated warmly.

P: 813-421-3665

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Talesha Touched ~ P.O. Box 757, Riverview, Fl 33568