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Unconditional Love by Talesha Hogan

When we stumble, we often don’t stand … Others stumble, we often stand by.  We are so innocent … falling off our feet in the dust.  We mistake the dirt and dust for who we are. I invite you on a journey of stumbling, wobbling and standing with renewed faith. ‘Unconditional Love’ is an Epic and Interactive Musical of Life, Spirit, and Embracing that Spark within us that God never loses faith for.  ‘Unconditional Love’ is a revelry, inciting that spark in becoming a blooming bonfire!

Penned and shaped from a life of challenging experiences and triumphant breakthroughs lined with faith. Talesha urges our hearts to grasp that Love inside us with both hands.


papercut heartUnconditional Love

Well I’ve tried to measure up, I’ve stood on tiptoe Hoping somehow maybe I would grow And I haven’t given up on happy endings But I realize now, we’re all just human Cause I’ve made mistakes and I’ve shared heartaches Even hiding the Sun finds my face


What is this Love? What is this Love? The only kind I’m looking for, sacred and secure! What is this love? What is this love? The kind my heart won’t break to endure … It’s Unconditional Love ~

Verse 2:

Well I’ve worn some other shoes that didn’t fit me Thinking I could not relate, here in my barefeet And I’ve painted on a smile, when mine was fading There were places in my life, I felt like trading Cause I’ve made mistakes and I’ve shared heartaches Even hiding the Sun finds my face

Chorus: Bridge:

unconditional loveLove is where you stand when all you’ve lost is close at hand Love is what you choose when all that’s left to give is you And I say play your part, lose your heart or you will never know All that’s hear that wasn’t clear is now an open road Chorus It’s indescribable, it’s unexplainable .. It’s Unconditional Love.

Written and Sung by Talesha Hogan © 2008

‘Unconditional Love’ is a performance and musical extravaganza featuring the songs and Heart-isty of this Sacred, Introspective and Precocious Woman ~ Talesha Hogan