Don’t Worry Be Happy

Worrying dissolves and nullifies happiness. Think about it.. The day finally  comes when you’re getting that ‘well-deserved’, much needed vacation! You even  say to yourself rather convincingly, that after all these months of hard work,  You’ve earned it.

Then, there you are, basking in the shade of the royal palms, the sand  between your toes, warm sun on your face and wham! an abrupt, random bout of  worry pops into your head.. “Did I lock the door? Turn off the iron? Will the  dog, kids, house, yard.. you name it be okay? Oh.. I bet the ‘work’ at work is  piling up already.. what will they do without me?”

We learn the habit of worrying at a young age.. and notice, I said ‘habit’.  After all, we’re taught that worrying is our ‘responsibility’. As teens we’re  taught to ‘worry about our future’ – as parents we learn the art of ‘worrying  about our kids’.

Here’s the thing, worrying is a toxic ritual and it does nothing more than  dilute our joy with endless, improbable possibilities that rarely, if ever,  culminate. It keeps us in a flipflopsconstant state of denying happiness and in an  imagined need for resolutions to problems we’ve yet to have.

Ironically enough, just by thinking those negative thoughts, you  inadvertently bring them closer to you.. you reinforce the very things you’re  trying to prevent. So, why not focus on what you’d truly like to have,  especially when it’s there for the taking.. Focus on the happy, the joy and bask  in it. Don’t let worry dishearten your wonderment.

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