Don’t Worry Be Happy

Worrying dissolves and nullifies happiness. Think about it.. The day finally  comes when you’re getting that ‘well-deserved’, much needed vacation! You even  say to yourself rather convincingly, that after all these months of hard work,  You’ve earned it.

Then, there you are, basking in the shade of the royal palms, the sand  between your toes, warm sun on your face and wham! an abrupt, random bout of  worry pops into your head.. “Did I lock the door? Turn off the iron? Will the  dog, kids, house, yard.. you name it be okay? Oh.. I bet the ‘work’ at work is  piling up already.. what will they do without me?”

We learn the habit of worrying at a young age.. and notice, I said ‘habit’.  After all, we’re taught that worrying is our ‘responsibility’. As teens we’re  taught to ‘worry about our future’ – as parents we learn the art of ‘worrying  about our kids’.

Here’s the thing, worrying is a toxic ritual and it does nothing more than  dilute our joy with endless, improbable possibilities that rarely, if ever,  culminate. It keeps us in a flipflopsconstant state of denying happiness and in an  imagined need for resolutions to problems we’ve yet to have.

Ironically enough, just by thinking those negative thoughts, you  inadvertently bring them closer to you.. you reinforce the very things you’re  trying to prevent. So, why not focus on what you’d truly like to have,  especially when it’s there for the taking.. Focus on the happy, the joy and bask  in it. Don’t let worry dishearten your wonderment.

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Getting Started ~ A Heartist’s First Step

The only way to get started on something new, the only way to begin .. is by beginning, throwing yourself fully vulnerable into that first curious, awkward, fumbling, unknown, unsure step and teetering, elated that for this moment, you have neither walked or fallen.  In this moment of teetering, you simply and proudly are the momentum that has ‘begun’ and in ‘this now’ you experience no fear, no failure, no success or win .. there is just a breath of upright movement, suspended in the art of your first conscious creation, your first step!

Babies have a knack for doing this .. for pulling themselves upright on tender wobbling feet, still plumply rounded with curled toes, yet in that moment of their first step, there is no deep seated fear of what will become of their unsure feet, no pondering of the perfect footing, no mulling over what they will look like ambling toward their first fall.

They take their first risk in life with a drooling giggle and a determined smile ..  and yes, most likely they will topple this first time, but for them, it is just another momentum between teetering and stepping again.  There could be no experience of this falling, if not for the stepping, the leaping or flying .. the falling means they have stood.

I found recently that the word ‘happy’ derives from the same root as ‘to happen’.  I believe this means that to be happy, one must be fully involved and conscious in the experience of what is happening .. much like the baby being wholly present with their first step, the only step on their mind, in that moment.  You have something in your heart that calls you .. we all do.  I picture the baby’s mom or dad across the room clapping and holding their hands out toward their wobbling little one and I imagine the dream in our heart and the spirit of our own possibility reaching out to us in much the same way, cheering you, so proud of you .. anxiously awaiting your first step, saying ..  come to me!

Talesha's FeetIf you are reading this, you are a heartist in the waking .. your dream is waiting and anticipating you, however awkward and uncertain your first endearing footfall is, however tender and unsure your barefeet have become .. happiness is in the happening and it’s yours for the waking.

I wish you many messy teetering wobbles, many first determined smiles and just enough falls to know you can fly.


Take the initiative and start ~ Ecclesiastes 9:10

Dear Dreamer ~ Do What You Love

Dear Dreamer ~ Let the petals of what you love, lead you to what you do!

We are here to do and be what we love. Yet, we place our dreams, the things we love somewhere in the not so distant future, hoping for the time when somehow .. we’ll have worked hard enough, long enough, made enough money to propel ourselves toward, finally ..  doing what we love. We make excuses, sighting lack of time, finances etc. as reasons to keep our passions on hold indefinitely.

Well, the truth is.. You will never have more time than you do right now. Whether it’s your full-time job or a simple hobby that  you’ll only spend a few minutes doing each day ~ Doing what you love is what you’re here to do and it doesn’t take large blocks of time, planning or finances to reap the reward your spirit will feel when you’re doing it ~ the loving of it, is the reward.

flower_croppedtalesha_touched_paint_flowerEven the smallest amount of time spent doing what you love, gives you boosts of joy and sparks your zest for life ~ you’ll have a lighter step at work, enliven your romance and rejuvenate  your life. Doing something you love ~ refills and refreshes your heart.

Now you may say you don’t  know what to do, but even so, you do know what you love.  Let the petals of what you love, lead you to what you do.  Think about what inspires you, what makes you feel that spark.. and do that. If you feel there’s never enough time to paint that picture, sing that tune, learn woodworking, gourmet cooking, dancing the tango, chia pet gardening, snow ball throwing or sand castle building ~ that is exactly the time, to make time, to do what you love.  After all .. none of us are promised any more opportunity, than right here and right now.

Goodnight Dreamer ~ Good Morning, Heartist!!

What is a heartist?

I am a heartist ..
From my earliest memory, I’ve felt a calling, a tug, a dire need to express love, beauty and faith, through observation, collection and creation in all I see .. and to share that love, with all I hope to know. I still feel it and it’s why I’ve come to realize just what being a heartist is.
As a small girl, whether gathering wilted flowers (to love them back to life) ..  excavating dirt mounds in hopes of finding that special something (that someone special must have lost),  hand stitching patches on my Raggedy Ann doll where my good loving wore through to her stuffing, sifting through discarded remnants, buttons and beads at the local sewing shop and feeling sad that I couldn’t take them ‘all’ home with me, finding the beauty and possibility in broken things, seashells, a mismatched ‘anything’, a torn sheet of paper, a crumpled note and let’s not forget the forgotten, discarded and unrequited objects that were once fondly, proudly loved .. all of these, for me, were the perfect finds ~ and then there were the songs .. writing and singing melodies when a broken or hurting heart could not hear the love in the words any other way or words alone just couldn’t describe what the heart felt .. I found endless possibility in transforming another’s mundane into my masterpiece!
Create with TaleshaI always knew there was just the thing I would create, just the perfect loving I could give to something that would give it a life, a persona, all it’s own, renewed, repurposed, reshaped and worthy to someone else ~ And I believed that if I gave that ‘something’ that perfect loving, that renewal and repurposing that it would then become a gift of love, healing and renewal for anyone who held it dear and that a little touch of my heart and a little touch of faith would shine through and in that feeling, that purpose. In this .. I have never felt closer to God.
     Of course, I grew up .. but I never grew out of my love for people or my passion for creating beautiful ways to love them.
Some people may confuse this wide range of expression as ‘dabbling’ .. I often received advice along my journey, to ‘choose’ my art, to BE a CERTAIN ‘kind’ of artist .. and if there’s one thing I’m sure of .. I am certain that I have!! .. only I didn’t choose my art ..  my heart chose what my heart knew,  all along.
I am a HEARTIST <3  … simply decided and that of a very certain ‘kind’ (being a kind ‘one’)  😉
Love’s impact is my art ~ My medium is wherever my heart loves!
feet in sandAs a heartist all of my passions flourish, coincide and commune ~ I let what I love truly lead me to what I do and I hope that in some small or GREAT way my art can inspire your heart and open your curious eyes to find the heartist within yourself  ..  As everything you do, respresents the heartist in you, the heartist you have always been.
So, What is a heartist? … A heartist is you!
{haart – ist}
The combination and fruitful act and embodiment of art and heart!
[ aart ]
  1. creation of beautiful things: the creation of beautiful or thought-provoking works, e.g. in painting, music, or writing
  2. beautiful objects: beautiful or thought-provoking works produced through creative activity
  3. branch of art: a branch or category of art
[ haart ]
  1. blood-pumping organ: a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood around the body, in humans situated in the center of the chest with its apex directed to the left
  2. left side of chest: the area on the front of the human body that corresponds roughly to the position of the heart
  3. basis of emotional life: the source and center of emotional life, where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located and a person is most vulnerable to pain
Synonyms: emotion, core, sentiment, heart of hearts, mood, temperament, mind, soul, nature, spirit
Thank you for joining me along my journey here at  Talesha Touched .. Let the petals of what you love, lead you to what you do! ~ Talesha Hogan