Ode To The Past ~ Not Owed To The Past

The past .. the present and somewhere in the next moment, the future, like a trilogy¬†all their own, these three can’t help but co-exist and why shouldn’t they ūüėČ
There are tons of books and articles about leaving the past behind us and some of us might not quite understand what that actually means .. or what it can mean.

Some of my most inspired heartistry has come rushing in on¬†the waves of ‘remembering’.¬† I’m a softy for nostalgia and an intrepid time traveler.¬† I often find myself sweetly reflecting on days gone by, dusting off a memory and using it to create something in my¬†present ..¬†¬†YES, I am wonderfully grounded in my ‘now’ with visions ahead of me, ¬†a map to keep me in step along my journey AND I know what to ‘keep’ from what’s happened behind me.¬† I write odes to the past, not IOU’s. ¬†I’ve traveled so far in this life and there are some very sweet treasures in some of that luggage that I’ve brought along beside me, but to see this,¬†I had¬†to be willing. I had to be brave!

The important thing to remember is¬†¬†just like rummaging through the garage on cleaning day or a dusty old attic, think about what you want to keep and what you will do with it.¬†Closing up that garage or boarding up that attic, isn’t going to make the contents go away and the same is true for your mind!¬† It takes a brave soul to be willing to look in all those nooks and crannies but I know that as a heartist, you have what it takes to do just that.

open bottleLook at the past and sort your antiques from your trash and then decide what trash can be transformed into treasure.¬† In¬†your new creations, you won’t¬†need to hold onto the junk anymore.¬†¬†¬†I re-purpose tangible things all the time .. a broken plate becomes a mosaic, an old canvas can be repainted over and over again .. our tears can be¬†unwanted, rusted stains or honored as¬†timeless patina. ¬†I do the same thing with my past!¬† I take a sweet tidbit and sometimes, something not so sweet and I create a¬†brand new, meaningful art piece in my now that¬†inspires me and lights my way¬†in my future.¬† An ode to the past is not¬†a martyr to the past .. it’s not anything being owed to the past or sacrificing your present or future happiness for the sake of it.¬† What¬†memory can¬†you re-purpose? What can you re-create?¬† Somewhere amid all those fragments, you will find your most beautiful and touching heartistry and all you need¬†is the will and the want, to¬†re-create it.¬†¬†Simply pick it up with compassionate hands, a brave heart¬†and soft eyes .. then¬†give it¬†a look from a different angle.¬†¬†You will see¬†the possibilities, the new light transforming ages of¬†old into your own sacred treasure trove and with a little love of your artist hands .. you just might inspire someone else along your way!


1. a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion.
2. (originally) a poem intended to be sung.

Remember .. I said ode to the past, not owed ūüėČ

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Unconditional Love ~ A Song For The Heartist In Us All

Click here to listen to Unconditional Love by Talesha Hogan

When we stumble, we often don’t stand … Others stumble, we often stand by.¬† We are so innocent … falling off our feet in the dust.¬† We mistake the dirt and dust¬†for who we are.
I¬†invite you on a journey of stumbling, wobbling and standing with renewed faith. ‘Unconditional Love’ is an Epic and Interactive Musical of Life, Spirit, and Embracing that Spark within us that God never loses faith for.¬† ‘Unconditional Love’ is a revelry, inciting that spark in becoming a blooming bonfire!

Penned and shaped from a life of challenging experiences and triumphant breakthroughs lined with faith. Talesha urges our hearts to grasp that Love inside us with both hands.


papercut heartUnconditional Love

Well I’ve tried to measure up, I’ve stood on tiptoe
Hoping somehow maybe I would grow
And I haven’t given up on happy endings
But I realize now, we’re all just human
Cause I’ve made mistakes and I’ve shared heartaches
Even hiding the Sun finds my face


What is this Love? What is this Love?
The only kind I’m looking for, sacred and secure!
What is this love? What is this love?
The kind my heart won’t break to endure …
It’s Unconditional Love ~

Verse 2:

Well I’ve worn some other shoes that didn’t fit me
Thinking I could not relate, here in my barefeet
And I’ve painted on a smile, when mine was fading
There were places in my life, I felt like trading
Cause I’ve made mistakes and I’ve shared heartaches
Even hiding the Sun finds my face


unconditional loveLove is where you stand when all you’ve lost is close at hand
Love is what you choose when all that’s left to give is you
And I say play your part, lose your heart or you will never know
All that’s hear that wasn’t clear is now an open road
It’s indescribable, it’s unexplainable .. It’s Unconditional Love.

Written and Sung by Talesha Hogan © 2008

‘Unconditional Love’ is a performance and musical extravaganza featuring the songs and Heart-isty of this Sacred, Introspective and Precocious Woman ~ Talesha Hogan


Remembering .. The Greatest Tool For Inspiration, Creation and Perseverance

Sometimes a little ‘remembering’ is just what we need to get our creative energy flowing and give us a little push in a new direction OR perseverance in a current¬†one! I learned¬†something¬†from my first bike ride as a child that has often given me that little push and perseverance and so I share my own ‘remembering’ tenderheartedly with you in hopes that you will be inspired and quite possibly find your own ‘remembering’ in your own life, to propel your courageous bravery to forge ahead!

I could feel the tug and lag on the seat as I awkwardly coordinated steering¬† and peddling. “I’m going to fall” I cried out nervously, just missing the¬† pothole and wobbling dangerously close to the shoulder of the road and the ditch¬† I feared would swallow me up. “Keep pedaling, You’ve got it. I’m going to let go¬† now”.

“No dad.. wait.” I plead. “Okay, okay, just for a little bit longer.” I could¬† hear him smiling. “Just keep pedaling” I pedaled harder and found comfort in the¬† sound of his feet smacking the pavement as he ran along behind me, knowing he¬† was still there, holding on. I felt the balance of my tiny self, the wheels¬† turning over, the slight changes in the road’s surface, the wind blowing through¬† my hair, sun warming my face, the ‘safe’ freedom, dad still holding on.

And then I heard him, “See, you’re doing it all on your own” Immediately, I¬† wobbled “What?” Realizing the tug and lag on the seat had stopped but I could¬† still hear his footsteps… I looked over my shoulder to see him running a few¬† feet behind me, as he had apparently been doing for half a block. Then, like¬† metal to a magnet. I looked over at the ditch and with focused, precisional¬† fear, I road straight into it.

Now of course, my dad helped me out of the ditch, brushed me off and helped¬† me back on my bike. Tears streaming from a skinned knee but mostly a hurt pride,¬† I cried “I want to go home.” My dad said “Okay, ride it home, then.” I looked at¬† him perplexed. Why would I ever want to do that again. And with assumed faith in¬† me, he grabbed a hold of the back of the seat and got me going “Pedal, pedal!”¬† then with a shove, he let go ~ I drew in a deep breath of courage and rode and¬† rode ~ Wind in my hair, sun on my face. I had already wrecked and lived and with¬† each push of the pedal, the risk became less.

bikeThe feelings of encouragement and accomplishment swelled. I gained confidence¬† and independence that day along with a resilience that I wouldn’t realize until¬† years later when I held the back of a bicycle seat for someone else. As simple¬† as it seems, we all carry the lessons and values of our first bicycle ride, our¬† first adventure and sense of freedom. The first forward momentum that we did all¬† on our own, propelling ourselves and steering, our destination in our own¬† hands.

Looking back on your first bike ride: Did someone help you or did you go  at it alone? Were you an instant success? Did you fall down and get back  on, fall down and push it home?

Those first lessons apply to the moment you’re in now, that first piece of¬† evidence you gathered that meant you could do anything! Today, you have a new¬† adventure in your life, one that’s just waiting for you to get on and go and¬† once you get going, perhaps a little wobbly at first, with a little courage of a¬† small child. It could just be the ride of your life.